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Friday, 09 March 2018 09:35
The contract with CodeRed weather warning system is being terminated by the Chattooga County E911 Center effective March 19, according to local officials.
Officials are unhappy with the service. CodeRed is designed to send people a telephone call when the National Weather Service issues a weather warning. But that's not happening, according to local Emergency Management Agency Director Pamela Cox Vaughn.
"A lot of the citizens were saying they were not getting notifications when the weather hits," Vaughn said. "Upon investigation we found most counties are dropping their weather alerts as well due to most cell phones have real time apps that work better to alert individuals to weather situations no matter where they are at any given time."
While the county is dropping its CodeRed system, they are looking at other providers. 
"We are looking at other companies that can offer the reverse 911 calling system for public announcements concerning missing persons, evacuations, boil water or shelter in place incidences for specific locations. As far as the weather alerts from CodeRed, a lot of citizens were reporting the calls had stopped coming to them or they would come after the storm has gone through their area," Vaughn said.
The EMA director said there are a lot of alternatives to CodeRed including Facebook and local news media websites.
"We would like to ask you all to check out your phone’s apps store for a weather alert app like The Weather Channel, Weather Bug, NOAA Weather Radar and Alerts, etc. to download onto your phones before we see the spring storm season. All are good apps and you can set them to locations frequented and to specific alerts you would like to receive a notification such as tornado watch/warnings, flooding or thunderstorms. This should help individuals receive better notifications or warnings for their locations," Vaughn said. "We will send out notifications on the links and phone number to sign up for the new system for the reverse 911 calls once we have committed to the company we feel can better serve the needs of the citizens of Chattooga County."
About 5,100 telephones in Chattooga County are registered with the CodeRed.

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