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Thursday, 08 February 2018 14:27
The Menlo City Council is condemning the old Farmers and Merchants Bank building. It will be used to expand city hall.
The bank is located at the intersection of Highway 48 and Highway 337 (four-way stop). The 1,846-square-foot building is owned by the Glover Irrevocable Trust.
“An offer has been made to them,” Menlo Mayor Theresa Canada said. “They said at the time it was not for sale.”
The city tried purchasing the property on more than one occasion. Now Menlo is going through the condemnation process. There is no timetable for when the condemnation will be completed.
The mayor said the city had no numbers on what it would take to renovate the bank building for a city hall.
“We know the roof needs to be replaced and there is probably flooring that needs to be redone and I don’t know about the heating and air,” she said.
The council will determine what the old city hall will be used for once the renovations are made on the new site.
“There are no plans in the works yet,” Mayor Canada said. “Probably the fire department will use the present city hall space but the council hasn’t said other than it will be used by the city.”
She said the city needs more room for city hall.
The city received two bids from Morris Electrical to fix the power to the poles that hold the Christmas lights. One bid from Morris Electrical was for fixing four of the poles and that was $1,480. A bid from Morris for all 10 poles was $2,950.
“I feel like if we are going to do it, we should do all 10,” council member Carol Mitchell said. 
The council unanimously approved to fix all 10 of the poles.
* Discussed a problem with people parking in spaces that are marked no parking causing traffic problems. The council approved marking the spaces to make the area a tow away zone if people park there. 
* Accepted the resignation of City Clerk Julie Willingham. The city is advertising for a new clerk.
* Discussed painting new yellow lines downtown when the weather warms up.
* A customer requested a fire hydrant but the council decided it couldn’t put one near the Alabama line because it was served with a two-inch line and a six-inch line is needed for the fire hydrant. The council decided the customers in that area could vote on whether to pay for the six-inch line being installed.
* Marcell Knowles and his wife were at the meeting and asked the city what it could do about a high water bill due to a leak at their church. Around 350,000 gallons was lost.
Mayor Canada told the couple that since the Farmers Home Administration financed the Menlo water project with a loan, the city was not allowed to reduce any water rates on things such as leaks.
Due to the recent very cold temperatures, a lot of Menlo customers had leaks and the city was unable to help any of them other than setting up a special payment plan.
The mayor asked the Knowles couple if the church could afford $10 extra a month to pay for the cost of the water lost due to the leak. They agreed.
We don’t want to be hard on any our customers because we appreciate them,” Mayor Canada said. “We had a whole list of ones that had leaks.”
The Menlo Housing Authority also had leak problems and asked if the city could help them.
Mayor Canada said the same reasoning applied and that someone would talk with Glenda Hamilton about the payment plan.

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