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Thursday, 11 January 2018 15:38
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As a member of the House Rural Development Council, State Rep. Eddie Lumsden (R-Armuchee) has traveled throughout small town Georgia, talking to citizens about the needs of their communities.
He’s supportive of the recommendations of the council and hopes to see progress made in getting them passed in this legislative session, which began on Monday.
“Not every recommendation will be acted on but the recommendations should help bring us to the point of conversation on these important issues,” said Lumsden, now entering his fifth year in the state legislature.
For instance, Lumsden believes there is widespread recognition of the need to make sure broadband internet service is available in every sector of the state.
“Broadband is as vital now as electrification was at one time,” he said.
Lumsden said broadband is a vital to creating an educated workforce and in health care, two areas which received major focus from the Rural Development Council.
Lumsden said access to healthcare institutions is not as bad in Northwest Georgia as in some parts of the state. 
“All of Georgia needs good health care,” he said.
He mentioned “micro hospitals” and “allowing EMS personnel to do more” as two possible ways that health care in the state could be improved. 
Lumsden said he hopes the state House and Senate can get together and pass a bill modernizing adoption laws in Georgia. The House passed an adoption bill last year but it failed in the Senate when “religious freedom” language was inserted.
Gov. Nathan Deal and House Speaker David Ralston are pushing for new legislation which doesn’t include the “religious freedom” provisions.
“We lost an opportunity to modernize and expedite our process here in Georgia and get kids out of the foster system and into permanent, stable loving homes quicker,” Ralston said recently. 
“A clean adoption bill is a high priority of the leadership,” Lumsden said. 
Lumsden said the increase in traffic accidents which he believes are tied to the growing use of electronic devices in automobiles has drawn the serious interest of state lawmakers.
“It’s clear that this increase in accidents, injuries and fatalities is related to driver distraction and that interaction with media devices is the cause,” he said. “This has become a real public safety issue. There is going to be a really serious effort to address this issue.”
Also, as the chairman of the Human Relations and Aging Committee, Lumsden said he is looking over several bills that will go through his committee, including legislation pertaining to adoption and to the Department of Family and Children’s Services.
Lumsden, interviewed on Tuesday by The News, said he was looking forward to hearing Gov. Deal’s budget priorities.

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