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Friday, 01 December 2017 10:22

Chrissi Green and her sister were coming back from the store when they had an accident on their ATV. Chrissi was injured when the handlebar from the ATV impaled itself in her leg. Her sister, Alyssa Michelle Brown, 16, was not injured seriously enough to stop her from going for help for Chrissi.

The wreck occurred on Sept. 4.
The 31-year-old Green explained that when she and her sister were coming back from the store, there is a trail from the road to her house they use.
“We took that trail, and while going up a hill, and where you could tell what gear you were in was messed up on the four-wheeler, so I geared down too much while going up the hill.”
When she geared down it went to neutral and they started rolling backwards and the four-wheeler hit a tree and it bounced one time and then she landed on the right handlebar with her leg, causing the damage.
“The handlebar went through my leg,” Ms. Green said. “It was very painful.”
She never lost consciousness during the ordeal.
“I laid there an hour waiting on the ambulance as gas ran down into my leg,” she added.
She said that if her sister hadn’t have been on the four-wheeler with her, she didn’t know what would have happened.”
“If it hadn’t been for her going to get help, I don’t know what would have happened,” Ms. Green said.
Her sister didn’t get hurt except for her knee a little bit but not bad enough where she couldn’t walk.
Once the ambulance got to the scene they took her where she could be flown out via LifeForce to Erlanger where she stayed about a week before she got to go home.
The hospital put a vac machine on her leg so the wound would begin healing from the inside to the outside.
They finally took the machine off her leg a week before Halloween.
“The handlebar pretty much pushed everything aside when it went into my leg,” Chrissi said. “It went through my leg and the end of the handlebar got lodged behind my shinbone, it pushed everything else aside.”
She said the wound didn’t bleed much, but if they had taken the handlebar out of her leg like they first talked, it would have.
“I probably would have bled to death if they had done that the way they first talked,” she added.

They finally cut the handlebar off with the Jaws of Life and then flew Chrissi with the handlebar still in her leg to Erlanger.
“I am walking fine now,” she said about her recovery. “I have barely got a limp and am doing real good.”
Asked if she had ridden an ATV since her accident, the said, “yes I have” with a laugh.
 “I have a heck of a scar,” Chrissi said. “The doctor said that in 10 years, I was the fastest healer she had ever seen.”

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