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Monday, 13 November 2017 11:42
Complaints that a male motorist is publicly exposing his private parts to Chattooga County women have attracted the attention of three different local law enforcement agencies.
The first reported case surfaced in the Town of Trion on Chestnut Street. A woman in her mid-to-early 20s' said a man driving a silver Honda car "exposed himself," while he drove on her street, according to Trion Police Chief Jason Kellett.
A similar incident happened on Orchard Hill Road last Thursday, according to Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader.
A 17-year-old Chattooga student getting off the school bus spotted a suspicious man in a silver Honda car.
"She turned and there was a male exposing himself to her," Sheriff Schrader said.
The teenager gave a similar description of the vehicle and male driver. 
"She gave pretty much the same description," the sheriff said.
The investigation received a boost after one of the victims gave a license plate number. Deputies and Trion cops started watching for the silver Honda. Then more eyewitnesses came forward.
"We started canvassing the area and talking with people in the neighborhood. Several more people came forward and said they saw the act," Chief Kellett said. "When we ran the tag number, it came back to an employee of the sheriff's department."
In an effort to solve the case, Trion Police started patrolling Chestnut and nearby streets to see if the silver Honda would return. 
Between 4-5 p.m. Friday, a silver Honda turned onto Chestnut Street and Trion Investigator Shannon Goins stopped the vehicle. The investigator approached the car and discovered it was a sheriff's employee, who was not exposing himself at the time. 
However, "His belt was not completely hooked," Chief Kellett added.
The police had a license plate number that matched a description of the car.
Trion cops took the male subject to the police department. Since it was a sheriff's employee, Sheriff Mark Schrader was called.
The sheriff conducted an administrative review of the situation and fired the employee. The administrative review is not part of a criminal investigation. It's a separate, internal procedure. No criminal charges have been filed. 
The employee that was fired by the sheriff was 23-year-old Brandon Siffles of Summerville. He worked in the jail. 
"The actions of this officer have certainly shed a bad light on the employees and staff of the sheriff's office. We are all disappointed in his behavior and his conduct. While I don't understand the 'why' or 'how,' I certainly understand that his fellow employees and the citizens of this county expect and deserve much better conduct from someone who is employed at this office. I conducted an administrative investigation upon learning of the allegations and terminated his employment," Sheriff Schrader said.
While no criminal charges have been made, both Chief Kellett and Sheriff Schrader have asked Summerville Police Det. Brian Ozment to look into the matter and see if there is a need for criminal charges.
The News tried to contact Siffles to get his side of the story but were unable to contact him Wednesday.

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