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Thursday, 12 October 2017 14:16
(Editor’s Note: This is the final in a series of stories about the principals in the Chattooga and Trion School Systems. The stories began with the newest principals in both systems. This week, the story features Chattooga High School Principal Jeff Martin.)
Jeff Martin was raised in Alpine/Menlo and went to elementary and middle school there and then to Chattooga High School where he graduated in 1988.
He received his undergraduate degree from Shorter University in History and political Science and got his Masters in Educational Leadership at Jacksonville State University.
His first teaching job was as a paraprofessional in the Northwestern Georgia Educational Program, formerly known as Psycho-Ed program. His first real teaching job was teaching World History at Chattooga High School.
Then-Head Coach Ron Williams also hired Martin to coach at that time and he coached football, JV basketball under Ed Hardin and also coached baseball with Steve Turner.
Martin has taught at Chattooga High School for 16 years and now as principal for seven years. He was also Graduation Coach for one year before becoming principal.
He quit coaching when he got the Graduation Coach position when Coach John Starr left.
Asked what makes education important to him, Martin said, “What kids actually take away from not just the classroom but that whole experience of being around a diverse group of people, learning responsibility, honesty, integrity and just overall character. When they leave there after four years, we want them to go on and be productive members of society.”
Principal Martin said to make a great school you have to start with the atmosphere of that school.
“Of course, leadership and attitude are important to make a great school,” Martin continued, talking about what it takes to make a great school. “Being a leader is a tough thing. I once heard a quote one time: If you want to please everybody, don’t be a leader, sell ice cream.”
He added that a great school is made up of people that love what they do.
“I think a teacher or being an administrator is a calling more than a profession,” Martin added. 
Asked what he would like to be remembered for if he retired today, Martin said, “I would want to be remembered for how much I cared and not just for the kids but the community and how much the kids mean and what this community has done for me. I think being around those kids does more for me than maybe I do for them – that I loved them and I cared about them and I was concerned about what was going on in their lives and if I could help them in any way.”
Martin is single and has four children, CJ who is 17, Jacie, 15 and Ellie, 14. All three attend Chattooga High School.

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