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Thursday, 28 September 2017 08:50
(Editor’s Note: This is the sixth in a series of stories about the principals in the Chattooga and Trion School Systems. The stories began with the newest principals in both systems and now are about principals that have been at their posts for longer. This week, the story is about Summerville Middle School Principal Kevin Muskett.)
Kevin Muskett has been Principal at Summerville Middle School since February 2008.
Muskett was born in Gadsden, Ala. He graduated at Litchfield High School in 1982. His father was the baseball and basketball coach there. Muskett received his undergraduate, Masters Degree and Six-Year Degree at Jacksonville State University.
His first teaching job was at North Summerville Elementary School.
“Alma Lewis, who was principal at that time, hired me as a Special Education teacher,” he added.
He was at North Summerville a number of years and then Nellie Worsham hired him as assistant principal at Summerville Elementary School. He spent five or six years at Summerville Elementary and then Supt. Dwight Pullen moved him to Chattooga High School as an assistant principal and the athletic director.
“In Feb. 2008, Dr. Pullen called me one evening and asked me if I would be the principal at Summerville Middle School and start the next day,” Muskett said. “I have been here ever since.”
Asked what made education important to him, Principal Muskett said, “In my own personal view of education, it is really not all about having students be successful within the walls of your building, it is about helping people be successful outside of school. School is a preparation for life. I just enjoy helping people.”
He said he has not been as successful at it as he would like to be but he said he was motivated by helping others.
“I think we are all put on this earth to help each other,” Muskett said. “I believe that with all my heart and soul.”
Asked what it takes to make a great school, Principal Muskett said, “I think this gets brushed aside a little bit with all this accountability that we are required to do now - you have to have pride in your school. I think it really starts right there.” 
He added that there are a million and one things that make any organization great like everyone pulling in the same direction and everybody understanding what your vision and mission statement is and understanding it.
“But when you start peeling away the onion and get right to it, you have to have pride in your school or whatever your organization is – your team, your church – you have to have pride in it,” Muskett explained. 
He said that was extremely important. Principal Muskett used to wear ties to work every day but the reason he now always wears his Chattooga shirt is he wants people to know that pride starts with him.
“I want people to know that I am a proud Chattooga Indian,” he added. 
Asked that if he retired today as being a teacher or principal what would he like to be remembered for, Muskett said, “I would want people to say that was guy a who did his best to help somebody and tried to lift others up.”
Muskett and his wife, Paula, live in Fort Payne, Ala. She works in the Central Office of the City of Fort Payne (Ala.) Board of Education as an administrator. They have two children, Alex, 22, who goes to school at Jacksonville State University studying Business and Peyton is 19 and goes to school at the University of Alabama, Birmingham and is in Health Care Management.

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