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Tuesday, 26 September 2017 10:33
(Editor’s Note: This is the fifth in a series of stories about the principals in the Chattooga and Trion School Systems. The stories began with the newest principals in both systems and this week begins stories about principals that have been at their posts for awhile. This week, the story is about Leroy Massey Elementary School Principal Brian Beasley.)
Brian Beasley is in his eighth year as Principal at Leroy Massey Elementary School. The school is in a massive construction project, adding 11 classrooms and a new media center.
Beasley was born in Dublin and lived in Lyons, moved back to Dublin and then his family moved to Puerto Rico and lived there for four years. His father was a plant manager for a company that had a plant in Puerto Rico. Beasley was in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. for three years before moving to Vidalia for his high school days. He calls Vidalia his home because his mother’s and his father’s family are from there and his mother still lives there. Brian graduated at Vidalia High School in 1989. 
“We bounced around for a little bit but my family has always been from Vidalia,” Beasley said.
Beasley attended Berry College and that is how he ended up in this area.
“Berry always had a great reputation and I always tell people that was as far away as I could get without leaving the state of Georgia,” he added. “It was a good school and my uncle had gone there.”
He said he didn’t look at many other places and decided quickly to come up to the Northwest Georgia area.
He received his Masters Degree and Education Specialist Degree from Jacksonville State University. He began his Masters work shortly after he came here. He, along with Mark Pickle and Jared Hosmer, worked on their degrees at the same time and rode with each other to school.
His first teaching job was middle grades at Armuchee. He taught sixth grade science for two years and then taught middle school health. He coached middle school basketball and also football, track and wrestling. He then moved to Chattooga High School and was also the head wrestling coach and In-School Suspension teacher for a couple of years before he went into the classroom.
Beasley then was the Graduation Coach for one year when the system had the position and assistant principal at CHS for one year. He then was the assistant principal at the middle school for one year and then went to Summerville Elementary School as principal. From there he went to Leroy Massey Elementary School when the school was consolidated from Summerville Elementary and Pennville Elementary and North Summerville Elementary.
“I’ve been everywhere but Menlo and Lyerly in the system,” Beasley said.
When Beasley began work in administration he is now coaching only one sport – wrestling. He took a hiatus from coaching wrestling for five years when he took the job as Principal at Summerville Elementary. He took back over as head wrestling coach four years ago. As wrestling coach, Beasley has had nine state champions and also coached Brandon Siffles his first year of three state championships and J. J. Blankenship one year.
“I still enjoy coaching,” Beasley said. “When I quit coaching those years, when I became principal, I stayed involved. I drove the buses for the coaches. I ran the clock for matches or kept the scorebook. I have really enjoyed getting back into it. It is always great when you have a great group of kids.”
Asked what makes education important to him, Beasley said, “From an elementary standpoint, it all starts here (at the elementary school). I have told people that we have to make sure we get it done before they go on.”
Beasley said the school was getting the students ready for the real world and getting them ready to be productive citizens.
Asked what makes a great school, Beasley responded by saying, “I think it is the teachers that love the kids. Our teachers really love these kids and bend over backwards to help them. They care about them. If the teachers didn’t care, you would be wasting your time. It is a building full of adults that love kids – I think it makes a world of difference.”
Asked what he would like to be remembered for if he retired today, Beasley said, “I would hope to be remembered as making a positive impact for the adults that worked for me and the kids I taught or coached. I would want to leave a good taste in their mouths as far as the impact I have had on them.”
Beasley and his wife Renee have five children, four in high school and one in middle school.

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