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Monday, 25 September 2017 13:10
A man’s journey to visit every courthouse in the nation came through Chattooga County a week ago.
The Summerville visit marks the 1,152nd courthouse that 54-year-old Scott Moore has visited on his quest. There are 3,142 courthouses in the nation.
“I’m a little over a third of the way. I’ve been doing this since 2007 regularly,” Moore said.
Each visit to a new courthouse Moore snaps a selfie and posts it online on Twitter under the screen name, “The County Collector.” He also photographs other objects around the courthouse and later writes a one-page synopsis of his visit.
“It was a beautiful county,” Moore said. “I was just impressed with the natural beauty of northwest Georgia.”
The retired C-17 cargo plane pilot has flown all over the world and visited most of the nation. However, he soon realized that many places in this nation were still unvisited by him.
“I like quests,” Moore said about his decision to challenge himself to visit every courthouse. “There are still vast areas of the country that I’ve never been there.”
One of his favorite courthouses so far was the King and Queen Courthouse in Virginia. 
“It’s one of the oldest,” Moore said. He said it has a “wall around it to keep livestock out of it.”
The King and Queen Courthouse was built in the 1700s. Federal troops burned it in March 1864 and it was later repaired.
Another favorite is the $1 million courthouse in Lincoln, Nev. It was built in the late 1800s and was only used for about 30 years, Moore said.
The ghost-like story surrounding the Pickens County Courthouse in northwest Alabama makes it another favorite for Moore.
“Supposedly lightning struck” and imprinted a man’s face into a second-story window in 1878. 
Moore does not have a strict timeline for when he plans to finish his quest. 
“I’m sort of on a pace for the 20-year plan,” Moore joked. “I’m in no huge hurry. . . There are some challenging ones that I have to look forward to.”
Some of those challenging ones include the Hawaii islands that each have a courthouse. Also, some of the Alaska courthouses can’t be accessed by vehicle. He will have to charter a flight to get to some of those.
Moore has visited up to 14 courthouses in one day. 
Moore visits a lot of the country's courthouses while traveling to seminars. He’s a life coach and motivational speaker. Eventually he would like to have a television show about his courthouse adventures.

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