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Friday, 25 August 2017 13:55
After an undercover investigation, the Summerville Ingles Supermarket is facing penalties for selling alcohol to a teenager.
"We hit every store in the city that sells alcohol and we only got one," Summerville Police Chief Stan Mosley. "I'm glad we only got one."
The clerk that sold the alcohol faces criminal fines. The grocery store could be penalized by the city council for violating a civil ordinance. The city council, who acts as the alcohol commission for the town, may have a meeting within 10 days to decide if Ingles will be penalized. Chief Mosley is gathering information about the incident to present to the council.
“[I] conducted an undercover operation where a confidential, reliable informant was used to try and make purchases from all the stores selling alcohol inside the City of Summerville,” Police Detective Ty Hutchins said.
The detective used an 18-year-old female.
“[The teenager] bought a 24-ounce Miller Lite from a black male in lane two inside Ingles. Jeremy Anderson observed the transaction between the [teenager] and the employee. [The teenager] was not asked to show her identification to verify her age before she purchased the alcohol," Det. Hutchins said.
Grocery stores and gas stations were not the only ones targeted.
“[I] additionally conducted an undercover operation where a confidential, reliable informant was used to try to make purchases from all the restaurants serving alcohol inside the city of Summerville,” Det. Hutchin said. “Attempts were made at four different locations.”
None of the restaurants sold to the teenager.
The clerk that sold alcohol to the teenager was 20-year-old Ricky L. Walker, of Woodland Avenue, in Summerville. He was cited for selling alcohol to an underage person.
Last December, police and the Georgia Department of Revenue checked local stores to make sure they were not selling alcohol to minors. Back then, three were caught -- George's Kwik, 959 Highland Avenue; Circle K store [Formerly Kangaroo Convenience Store), 10935 Commerce Street and Pure Stop, 260 Hwy. 114.

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