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Thursday, 24 August 2017 13:33
Trion Head Football Coach Justin Brown explained the keys to his team’s success for the 2017 football season. The Bulldogs ended 2017 with a 6-5 record which included a narrow 34-31 loss in the first round of last year’s playoffs.

“The first key to the 2017 season is we have to stay healthy,” Coach Brown said.

He said the team’s first groups and top guys – most of them are experienced. The team has 20 seniors this year, the most number of seniors that Trion has ever had.

“That is a large number of kids,” he added, “But we have to keep those guys healthy. Depth is always a concern and a problem, but I feel like if we keep our guys healthy we should be in most football games this fall.”

He said that is the first key and the second key is just having the guys staying focused on each day, each week – not looking ahead and not taking things for granted and making sure they come together as a team.

“Every year is different, every team is different,” the veteran coach said. “The team last year as the season went on, they got better and better and became a unit.”

He said the Bulldogs had some good football players, but you have to take a lot of good football players and put them together and turn them into a good team.

“That will be a big key for us,” Coach Brown said.



Brown discussed his tentative starting lineup for the season.

“We have a pretty decent idea about the way they are going to end up,” the coach said.

Braxden Peace will start at left offensive tackle. Jackson Walters will start at left guard and Aiden Brock will start at center, the coach said.

Right guard will be a rotation between Rylan Tomlin with Luke Westbrook playing some guard.

“Rylan will be the guy actually playing both sides,” Coach Brown said.

Starting right tackle will be Rylan Tomlin.

Jarret Gill will be the starting quarterback, Cole Phillips at left wing and Hagen Willingham backing him up. The fullback will be Logan Blevins with Braden Johnson backing him up. At right wing will be Tanner Railey with Noah Depaulier and Austin Southerland backing Railey up. At receiver will be Jace Harris, Bret Brown and Hunter Stallings. The starting tight end will be Colton Duncan with Julian Smith getting to play a lot for the Bulldogs at tight end.

In the defensive secondary will be Noah Edgeworth and Hagen Willingham starting at the corners and Cole Phillips and Tanner Railey at the safeties. Logan Blevins will be the inside linebacker along with Braden Johnson Sam linebacker are Austin Southerland and  Cameron Carter.

“We are pretty deep on the defensive line,” Brown added. “There will be a pretty good rotation in the middle.”
Tucker McCoy, Clay Baker, Colton Duncan, Braxden Peace, and Nick McGee will be at defensive end.

“Guys like Aiden Brock can fill in where needed,” Coach Brown said.

Elder Morales will return as the place-kicker for the Bulldogs this year. He spent the summer in Guatemala.

The punter for the Bulldogs this year will be Cole Phillips. He punted some last year for the team when Jarrett Pierce was injured.


Responding to a question, Coach Brown said that Darlington and Bowdon are the top two teams in the region this year that the Bulldogs will face.

“They will be our biggest challenges on the field but you can’t take anybody for granted,” he added. “Mount Zion has turned into a good program, Gordon Lee will play us tough, Christian Heritage will be better and North Cobb will be better than they were last year. So, there are not any teams out there that you can mark down as a win.”

“I feel like Darlington and Bowdon will be the toughest two opponents for us in the region,’ Coach Brown said.


“We have really good fans at Trion,” Coach Brown said. “They are passionate. They are very concerned with our football team and program and that’s much better than the opposite.”
He said he has been in places where people didn’t care. You could go out there and put any kind of product on the field on Friday night and it wouldn’t matter.

Coach Brown said that Kennesaw State Coach Blanton said when he came to Trion’s spring practice, that as long as he has been coming to Trion, he always notices and sees there are always dads, there are always people in the community that are at practice. They park outside the fence, they just watch football practice. He told us that didn’t happen everywhere.

“It is a proud community and is a hard-working community that takes a lot of pride in its football team,” the coach said. “That is out job as coaches, to put these kids in a place on Friday nights and let them play and the better they play the more proud this town is of them.”

He said it was awesome to see the team run out of that sign on Friday night with the band playing and watching our community on their feet cheering these kids on.

“That is a special thing,” he added.
Brown said he looks forward to the scrimmage game because it gives them a chance to evaluate kids. He said it was especially good for the Bulldogs because Chattooga usually has a good, fast football team and it gives the team a measure of where they are at.

“Scrimmaging them early, it is always good to have those two weeks to work on some things that they we in the scrimmage and gives the coaches a chance to get some people healthy that may get beat up some in the scrimmage game,” he added.

He said the coaches try to get all of their players on the field in the scrimmage game. “That is their reward for working out in the hot summer,” Coach Brown said. “Coach Hammon and I have worked together the last few years and both of us understand what we want to get out of the scrimmage.”


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