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Monday, 07 August 2017 08:15
Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters is limiting the number of cats, dogs and other animals at certain homes, according to a recently passed ordinance.
The new ordinance specifically targets people living on an acre of land or less. If you don't have more than an acre of land, you can only keep up to three dogs and six cats, Commissioner Winters said.
"It's unfair for the surrounding property owners to deal with a nearby neighbor that has too many animals," Winters said.
Having too many dogs confined to a small space became an issue with property owners living in the Ellenburg Subdivision off Highway 114.
"We had 20 dogs on an eighth of an acre lot," Commissioner Winters said.
Animal control was called and the dogs were impounded recently.
The new ordinance also prevents people from owning chickens, goats, pigs, cattle, mules, horses and sheep on less than two acres of land.
The ordinance relies heavily on the number of acres a person owns. Typically the more land a person owns, the more freedom they have under this ordinance.
The number of dogs, cats and livestock a person can own is unlimited if they have enough land. The only stipulation is owners with more than six animals. 
"Any such property that contains more than six dogs shall be required to maintain those animals in an enclosure at least 100 feet from the nearest property line," the ordinance states.
The number of cats is also unregulated on larger properties and there isn't a requirement to have them enclosed.
You can have 20 chickens. However, there is an exception.
"On property that is larger than two acres but equal to or less than 10 acres, limited numbers of livestock animals are permitted. No more than eight livestock animals total shall be permitted on property in this size range or no more than 20 chickens; if both chickens and livestock animals are kept; no more than eight animals total shall be permitted," Winters said.
The ordinance allows people to keep up to six dogs and six cats. People falling into this category are prohibited from keeping any type of farm animal. 
Livestock is prohibited.
You can keep up to three dogs and six cats.
Multi-family units also fall under this category. Only three dogs and six cats are permitted. 
Violators of this ordinance are subject to having their animals impounded and ordered to appear before the Chattooga County Magistrate Court.
"Any person violating any provision of this ordinance, upon conviction, shall be subject to a fine not less than $250 nor more than $1,000 and in addition, may be imprisoned for a period of 60 days," the ordinance states.

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