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Thursday, 03 August 2017 14:02
A cellphone app alerted a Summerville man that people were breaking into his home on July 19, according to Police Detective Ty Hutchins.
Jake Schmidt said his surveillance cameras at his house at 424 Edmondson Street alerted him about the burglary in progress. He immediately called 9-1-1 for help.
"Schmidt stated that he has a surveillance camera that is linked to his phone and it displays a live video that he can observe," Det. Hutchin said.
Officers responded and passed a white work truck leaving Edmondson Street. Officer Labron Jackson stopped the truck on the lot across the road from United Community Bank.
Inside the vehicle were Thomas Jason Bragg, Hershell Lee Owen and Roger Warren Brogdon.
"I spoke to Owen and they stated that they were at the residence looking for a 'vape shop.' He stated that he used Google on his phone and it took them to the residence," Det. Hutchins said.
Ironically, cops noticed the Google map did show a "vape shop" being on Edmondson Street. However, the three did more than look for a vape shop, officers said.
They broke into Schmidt's home, Det. Hutchins said. Officers found a pair of brown work boots that were taken from the home. Schmidt described them, including their size and tears on them.
The group also stacked items outside the house as if getting ready to take them. Det. Hutchins said the trio might have been spooked by a nearby neighbor that arrived home.
"[Michael Clem] stated that he saw a white truck backed into the residence and saw a skinny white male with no shirt on that had tattoos, pacing around the residence. He stated that he 'looked out of place,'" Det. Hutchin said.
All three were charged with burglary (first degree) and theft by receiving stolen property. They all live in Piedmont, Ala., according to jail records.

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