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Thursday, 18 May 2017 17:35
The Summerville Police officials are in the process of seizing a black 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe that was allegedly used in multiple drug and other police interactions, according to reports.
Nicholas Stallings, who allegedly had methamphetamine in it, last used the vehicle on May 10. Police found the white substance all in the truck.
"It had appeared that Stallings had ripped a plastic baggie of suspected meth and tried to scatter the contents. I lifted the cup holders which were located between the front driver and passenger seats and noticed more suspected methamphetamine under the console," Summerville Police Detective Ty Hutchins reported.
As Stallings was being arrested, he claimed the truck was not his. He said the truck was in his mother's name and he just drove it.
The police decided to go ahead and seize the vehicle. They believe it's connected with other incidents. However, two days after seizing it, Stallings' mother complained it was her vehicle and that Stallings drove it.
Det. Hutchins said his mother has access to other vehicles and believes Stallings uses it exclusively for himself.
The detective got to checking into previous interactions with Stallings and discovered the truck was been involved with him in other escapades. Here are a few examples:
* Oct. 2008: Stalling reported that someone busted a window out of that Tahoe.
* May 2009: The Tahoe was involved in a two-vehicle crash in Summerville. Stallings was a passenger and the driver was the mother of Stallings' children.
* June 2010: After a domestic dispute, Stallings allegedly left in the Tahoe.
* July 2013: A city police officer stopped the Tahoe on Bellah Avenue. Stallings was driving.
* Nov. 2007: Cops stopped Stallings on Commerce Street. He was arrested on an active warrant.
* Jan. 2009: A cop stopped Stallings in that truck on University Street. He was cited.
"Based on my investigation and previous documented incidents, it is apparent that the Chevrolet Tahoe that was seized pursuant [to Georgia law] is used and controlled exclusively by Nicholas Stallings," Det. Hutchins reported.

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