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Monday, 15 May 2017 09:27
“I just felt like God was telling me that it was that time in their life and mine,” Dry Valley Baptist Church Pastor Jimmy Weaver said upon announcing his retirement from the church after 25 years.
Weaver has been preaching since 1974 -- 43 years total and the past 25 years at Dry Valley.
“When I was saved at the age of 11, God touched my heart then but I ran from the ministry until I was 24,” Weaver said. “The call was just on my life so I announced my call to preach.”
He began pastoring two months later and has been pastoring ever since.
Weaver was at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Resaca and had been there five and a half years before he came here.
“A former pastor gave my name to the committee and they came over and listened to me and it went from there,” he added.
In November 1992 Weaver began as the pastor at Dry Valley Baptist Church.
“This is the third full time church I have pastored,” Weaver explained. “I stayed at my home church, Corinth Baptist Church in Walker County and then went to Resaca and then came to Dry Valley. I have pastored several bilocational churches. The Lord has really blessed me, I have always seen growth.”
He said that Dry Valley is very unique in that they are willing to change. They have gone through multiple changes, starting out with an 11,000-square foot building and now have a 33,000-square foot facility now.
He talked about the church’s youth programs and senior citizens programs.
“When I came, they were running about 113 in Sunday school and about 125 in worship,” Weaver said. “Now, we run close to 300 in worship on Sunday mornings and well over 200 in Sunday school – 214 this past Sunday.”
God has blessed the church with wonderful people. The church enrollment was 300 when I came and is now over 700.
“It has been such a blessing -such a journey,” he added.
Asked why he decided to retire, Weaver said, “I felt the church is at a point to where it can really be just a dynamic situation for God. But, I will be 67 on my birthday and I just felt like they needed the enthusiasm that I had when I was 42.”
He said he felt he still had the fire and the congregation listens very, very well. 
“I am dealing now with folks that have been born since I have been there,” Weaver said. He said he baptized them and now they are doing the leadership.
“I just felt like God was telling me that it was that time in their life and mine also,” Weaver said. 
He said the church was wanting him to do some things in evangelism for them. He said he would wait for the church’s next pastor, Jeff Duvall who will be there the first of June.
Duvall is Weaver’s son-in-law.
“They dealt with him; all I have done for them is preach the past two months,” He continued. “I just felt like it was time after 25 years and certainly no pressure on their part, they were totally shocked.”
He said he liked the ministry and loved the people.
“I love them enough to know when it was time for me to let go,” Weaver said. “That is the way it has been in my ministry.”
He plans to do some church growth things with churches and will actually go out and help some churches. He already has a couple of church growth seminars lined up for different churches. He said he has done a lot of studying on church growth and has written some of the growth seminars booklets the church has gone through.
“I am really waiting until I get this door closed and then I will see where God takes us from there,” Weaver said.
He talked about some of the memories he has had since he came to Dry Valley.
He said he thought it started with some of the senior folks when he first came just getting to know them and the blessing that they have been.
“We have also been able to be involved in the county with food programs,” Weaver said. “I have had as many as 70 volunteers from different churches as well as my own that worked the food program for six years and meeting the people of Chattooga County. I love this county.”
He said that Dry Valley does a clothes closet once a month and they have been able to help a lot of people that way.
“Those are the good memories and seeing families raise their kids there,” he said. “Most of the time the kids grow up and are gone but the Lord has blessed us tremendously to keep a multitude of the younger folks.”
He said other good memories he has are the youth trips and youth outings.
“Just the family events – it is a family church,” Weaver said.
He added, “I have thoroughly enjoyed being at Dry Valley,” Weaver said. “They have been so good to my wife and I and I am looking forward to what God is going to do for them in the future. I want to thank the people of Chattooga County for taking me in though I lived in Walker County. I want to thank them for being so special.”
He said he also wanted to thank The Summerville News for such a great relationship with printing its events, advertisements and covering the food program.
“You are always willing to do news stories and I am thankful for that,” he said.
Weaver and his wife Deborah have one child, Amy Duvall and four grandchildren.

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