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Thursday, 27 June 2013 20:47
A memorial archway dedicated to Trion's Park Avenue Apartments will be constructed on the north end of Park Avenue at the river bridge, officials say.
The apartments were demolished earlier this year. After years of flooding from the Chattooga River, FEMA officials said it was time to demolish the apartments. They provided the lion's share of the funding to do it and now mandates a memorial be erected.
"We are mandated that we've got to have it in place by Aug. 31," Trion Mayor Johnny Ingle said.
The two brick column structure with a steel arch at the top will sit at the entrance of an old bridge that is now unused and barricaded.
"We also thought it would be neat since we are a natural gas provider to hook up two natural gas lanterns up here that could burn. That is one of the things we included in the proposals," Trion General Superintendent Eddy Willingham said.
A bronze plate will be erected on each column that will mention the history of the mill, town and apartments.
The council is seeking bids from contractors to install the structure.
In other business before the council:
* The Council approved Bill Barker and the Georgia Chapter of the Trail of Tears Foundation to erect a small informational marker at the old hospital. The Trion was once called Island Town and part of the Cherokee Indian nation.
"Trion will be recognized as at one time being part of the Cherokee nation," Barker said.
* The council appointed Cindy Langston to the Library board committee.
* The council approved a new customer service policy for utility customers.
* The council adopted a spending resolution to keep the government going until a budget was approved.
"Our budget is not ready yet. . . To pay the bills, we are going to have to adopt this spending resolution," Mayor Ingle said.

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