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Wednesday, 26 June 2013 18:46
During his first campaign, Commissioner Jason Winters promised that he would use his personal vehicle to attend county events.
He kept that promise.
But during his second campaign, he didn't mention anything about a vehicle. Now he is using a county owned vehicle.
"It just got too expensive," Winters said and also noted that a vehicle wasn't part of his second term political platform.
The first term he used his personal black truck. It had 12,000 miles at the beginning, Winters said. By the end of his first term, it had 130,000 miles.
"Eighty to 90 percent of those miles are associated with conducting county business," Winters said. "I absorbed a lot of that."
The commissioner attends numerous meetings, in town and out.
"Typically in a month, you'll have a meeting in Calhoun, a couple in Rome . . ." Winters said. "The majority of your mileage is simply going to look at a tile or going to look at a driveway. The majority of the mileage is associated with work here in the county."
Others with a take home vehicle include: Public Works Director Joe Reed, Garbage Director Lamar Canada and County Emergency Management Director Eddie Henderson. This list does not include the take home cars at the sheriff's office.
Also, the on-call animal control officer takes the shelter truck home on the weekends. 

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