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Monday, 24 June 2013 14:53

Update: Josh Brock says he is starting a new business venture and has resigned from the Summerville Police Department.

Brock, a detective and drug agent, resigned Monday to focus on his new business called Uncle Wiggy's LLC. It's a referral business that gives people knowledge on what to do once they are arrested. It also gives them a list of attorneys, wreckers and bail bondsmen to call.

"In no way do we condone any illegal activity or drug use of any kind," Brock said. "This is not an us versus them."

Brock says the new service gives poor people access to know their rights if they are arrested.

City detective Josh Brock has resigned, according to Summerville Police Chief Stan Mosley.

Brock, with about ten years experience, contacted Police Captain Harold Tucker today and said he was resigning. Brock told the captain that he could pick up the city vehicle and equipment at another location away from the police department.


"I am very disappointed with Brock," Chief Mosley said.

Brock did not specify a reason he quit, according to his resignation letter.

More details coming. . . .


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