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Storeowner 'Unhappy' With Ban
Wednesday, 28 January 2015 21:02
"I am very unhappy and dissatisfied about my license being taken away from me permanently," a Chattoogaville convenience store manager told the county commissioner.
Savitri Singh fought to keep her alcohol license and asked Commissioner Jason Winters to rescind the county malt beverage board's ruling that now permanently prohibits her from selling beer and wine.
Singh owns Borderline Convenience Store, Hwy. 114, near the Georgia-Alabama state line.
"I upheld the malt beverage board's decision," Winters said.
Singh's husband, Jaswant, confessed to selling an illegal drug called synthetic marijuana at the store last summer.
"I just sold one. I had only one and that's all I know. . . I sold one," Jaswant told the beer board.
New CHS Is Bigger, Bolder And Better
Monday, 26 January 2015 23:59
School Officials Are Excited As Projects Moves Forward

If all goes well, students will walk the halls of a new Chattooga High School starting the first day of school in August 2015.
The new high school will be bigger and better than the current facility that sits in the shadow of the new two-story building.
"It's sort of like that new car smell," Chattooga School Superintendent Jimmy Lenderman said.
That new facility, however, comes with a $22,706,378 price tag. The superintendent said that is a bargain and much cheaper than he first thought.
"We thought it would come in around $29 million," Supt. Lenderman said.
Comparatively, the price is cheaper than other new high schools around the state, according to the superintendent and the system's director of operations and facilities, John Worsham.
'Soon' Motorists Will See New Traffic Light
Monday, 26 January 2015 23:57
"They should be starting any week," Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters said about the installation of a traffic light at the intersection of U.S. 27 and Dot Johnson Drive in Pennville.
Winters said he is disappointed it's taken more than eight years to get the light installed but is pleased that in the next few days NABCO Electric, Chattanooga, will start stringing wires across Highway 27.
"I contacted Commissioner Winters and we thought he had some very exciting news," Chattooga County Schools Superintendent Jimmy Lenderman said. "A contract has been awarded and the bid has been accepted.  They are expected to move forward with this red light within weeks and having poles set. We should be up and gong in a short period of time. So that is good news."
The traffic light will benefit the parents of the 800-plus students that attend Leroy Massey Elementary. It's becoming the largest school in the county and officials suggested that school's enrollment could hit 1,000 within five years.