Winters Will Tweak Proposed Animal Control Ordinance
Friday, 18 August 2017 12:36
Partially re-writing Chattooga County's newly-approved animal control ordinance is underway, according to Commissioner Jason Winters.
His office received multiple telephone calls that were concerned the new ordinance went overboard or needed clarifying. Now Winters is seeking the public's help to make suggestions on ways it could be improved.
"We enacted the ordinance to address a very specific situation within a local subdivision," the commissioner said.
A local resident was keeping a large number of dogs within a subdivision. The resident did not live at that location, yet left the animals on the property.
"The ordinance was meant to prevent large number of animals being kept on small subdivision lots," Winters said. "I realize we need to tweak our ordinance."
A public meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. Aug. 22 at his office to discuss changing the ordinance.
Replacement Of Bridges Comes Up At Meetings
Thursday, 17 August 2017 14:20
The cost of replacing rural bridges is one reason why Chattooga County Commissioner Jason Winters hiked property taxes.
Next year he wants to replace a wooden bridge on Hunter Road in Gore and a bridge on Taliaferro Springs Road near Lyerly. 
The Hunter bridge was closed in late 2015 and the Georgia Department of Transportation is pushing to replace the Taliaferro Springs bridge.
But not everyone is enthusiastic about replacing both. During last week's public tax hearing on the millage rate increase, local resident Mary Lang questioned the Hunter Road bridge replacement.
"It's more like a driveway kind of. The only thing on the other side of the road is the creek, barn and a house that no one lives in as far as I know. Cars are not allowed to drive down that road because it goes to nowhere," Lang said.
She does not understand why the county would spend money on a bridge that serves only two people.  
"If there were more people going down Hunter Road, I could understand that," Lang said.
City To Install Crosses And Flags For Veterans Holidays
Thursday, 17 August 2017 14:19
The City of Summerville is planning to install Military Appreciation Crosses and Flags for Summerville's living, active, retired, honorably discharged, deceased, and killed in action military personnel.
There will not be a charge for those veterans who were killed in action. All other crosses and flags will be $25 each. The cross will have the name, rank, date of service, date of death, and branch of service engraved on it and the flag will be attached to the cross.
Anyone interested in obtaining a cross and flag should come by Summerville City Hall and fill out an application to receive one. For proof of service, the City will need a DD form 214 or a Retired Military ID. Also, they need proof of one of the following: Lived in Summerville for ___ years, Worked in Summerville for ___ years, Attended Summerville School for ___ years, Graduated from Chattooga High School year ___.
The Crosses and Flags will be erected during the Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Independence Day holidays. The location will be decided upon by the Mayor and Council in conjunction with the Veterans of Foreign War (VFW).
Any questions or comments please contact Summerville City Hall at 706- 859-0900.
New Traffic Lights To Be Installed On Roadways
Thursday, 17 August 2017 14:19
Two new traffic lights are coming to Chattooga County, according to Commissioner Jason Winters.
If property tax money is approved, a traffic light will be erected at dangerous intersections in Gore and Trion, Winters said.
The Georgia Department of Transportation will pay the majority of the construction, Winters said. The traffic lights will be located at the juncture of Highway 27 and Gore-Subligna Road and the intersection at Highway 27 and Mountain View Road in Trion.
"We estimate our cost will be $75,000 per red light," Winters said.
That is based on the county's self-funded traffic light it installed at Highway 27 and Dot Johnson Drive in Pennville. The construction of that light cost local taxpayers $275,000. 





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